Obedience Training at Brady Veterinary Hospital

Sharon Trueman Instructor

After over 30 years of professional dog handling, showing, and providing traditional obedience training for 2 years, Sharon decided “there has got to be a more effective way of training dogs!” She has studied animal behavior under the world renowned behaviorist, Dr. Ian Dunbar, and is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She brings his innovative methods and expertise to pet owners in Grays Harbor County and beyond.

Classes include:

  • Basic sit, stay, and come commands
  • How to greet people politely.
  • Prevent digging; unwanted barking; chewing and biting.
  • Etiquette for puppies: citizenship, life skills, and potty training.
  • Promote self-esteem for pets and people.
  • Parenting tips, positive discipline, a dog you can be proud of on all occasions.
  • Fun for you and your whole family.

These classes are designed to help the entire family have their dog be a better citizen and family member

Puppies must be between two and a half months through four and a half months of age and have received at least two doses of distemper/parvo vaccine by the start of class.

Other Services

  • Sharon is available for pre-purchase consultation to assist potential puppy owners in selecting a breed and animal appropriate for their lifestyle.
  • Behavior consultations over the phone.
  • Individual consultations at the hospital.
  • In home consultations
  • Product information including toys, treats, collars and leads.
  • Come join us for all this and more…
    Learning made easy and fun!

    For Class Registration And Fees
    Call 360-249-3700

    Classes Held Monday evenings at Brady Veterinary Hospital