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Emergency Veterinarian

In case of an after-hours emergency, please call (360) 249-3700.

We use a triage service that will answer questions and assess whether to refer to an emergency clinic or contact our on-call doctor.

Brady Veterinary Hospital is under going some changes in Doctor staffing.

This will affect our abilities to respond to any after hours concerns on weekday nights (Monday thru Friday).

Moving forward, as a temporary measure, we will not have a doctor available weekday nights. We will continue to have a doctor on call on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

We have an excellent answering service staffed by veterinary technicians and veterinarians. This makes them uniquely qualified to help pet owners with after hours questions. They will enable clients to decide whether their pet needs immediate care or if they can give comfort care until office hours are available. If the pet needs more care than the client can manage at home, they will gladly refer to the 24 hour facilities in Olympia. We are actively seeking to resolve our staffing situation and greatly appreciate your understanding during this transitional time.